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Welcome to Mineral-Auctions.com!

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This site offers multiple auctions, to give you a wider range of bidding opportunities.

Some of the auctions include listing from multiple dealers; Others, such as Collector's Edge Minerals Marin Mineral Auctions and KQ & Lu Auctions, are dedicated to listings from those dealers.

The Special Auction is used for occasions such as a benefit auction, an auction or series of auctions related to a specific show such as the Tucson Show, or a single dealer's selection of minerals.

The Dealer's Choice Auction and The Collector's Choice Auction are offered once per week.

All of the auctions use an optional proxy bidding system.

Should you encounter a problem using the site, please send an email to help@mineral-auctions.com

This website, created by John Veevaert, was one of the first of its kind on the the world wide web.

He wanted the site to continue, for the dealers and for the collectors, because it was all about community for him. His wife, Ronna Veevaert, is excited to continue the auctions in John's memory, with dedicated assistance from Richard Geiger and Luciana Barbosa. We want to make it a great site, with fun auctions for everyone!

Thank you!,

Ronna Veevaert



Recent and Upcoming Auctions

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Special Auction
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Dealer's Choice Auction
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2.12 DC Feb 12 10:00 AM Feb 18 5:00 PM
2.19 DC Feb 19 10:00 AM Feb 25 5:00 PM

Collector's Choice Auction
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Collector's Edge Minerals
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Marin Minerals Auction
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auction232 Feb 14 8:00 AM Feb 20 6:30 PM
auction233 Feb 21 8:00 AM Feb 27 6:30 PM
auction234 Feb 28 8:00 AM Mar 5 6:30 PM
auction235 Mar 6 8:00 AM Mar 12 6:30 PM

KQ & Lu Auction
OpensStarts to Close
2.13 KQ&Lu Feb 13 10:00 AM Feb 19 6:20 PM
2.20KQ&Lu Feb 20 10:00 AM Feb 26 6:20 PM