The following are brief introductions to the people who will be posting minerals on my auction.
These are good folks and they have my 100% backing.

March 1997                                                                            December 2006
John Veevaert - Trinity Mineral Company

I have been an avid mineral collector - primarily a field collector since 1975.  My first love was with gold but in 1977, while taking mineralogy, I discovered benitoite and there was no going back.  Most of my field collecting was in southern California, Nevada and Arizona.  I have had the opportunity to see just about every nook and cranny in the Mojave Desert, almost all of Nevada and all of western Arizona.  Living in southern California in the 1970s was worth it as Pala was virtually wide open and easy to visit as were the myriad mines all over the Mojave desert.  I can even put collecting in the Red Cloud mine for wulfenite on my check list.  It was rather easy to find good zones back in the 70s. 

My education is in Geology and my undergraduate work was done at Fullerton College and Humboldt State University in Arcata - both in California.  My graduate work, centered around fluvial geomorphology, was also done at Humboldt State University. 

After completing my bachelors degree I was gainfully employed as an exploration geologist working for two mining companies - one out of Anchorage, Alaska and one out of Reno, Nevada.  After grad school I went to work for Redwood National Park for three years and then transfered to the US Forest Service as a geologist on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.  I started Trinity Mineral Company in 1996 with the intent of losing money but enjoying my hobbies of computers and mineralogy. The idea was to lose money and pay fewer taxes.  But it was one of those rare situations in a person's life where they are at the right place at the right time.  The Internet was in its infintile stages and I was able to get in while the "gettin' was good". You can read more about my life here and here.

In 1997 I quit my government job at the GS-12 level and plunged head on into full time mineral dealing. and have been doing it ever since.

The two pictures above have me rather concerned about how the mineral specimen (a self collected benitoite and neptunite from 1986) is aging... hmm...YIKES!

Keith Hayes
I happened to look over my description the other day and realized that a lot of things have changed since I wrote it. It's been over 6 years since I started working with John on  At first, I auctioned some rocks while I was in the process of changing jobs.  It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of nice people which led me to push John to expand the scope of the auction site.  My role expanded along with the site and I am the auction administrator.  In addition to auctioning items, I plan most of the theme auctions and many of the special auctions outside of Tucson and Denver.  I also work with John to improve the site and make it more enjoyable for the users and dealers.

Before getting involved in the auction, I have spent a long time collecting minerals. I was introduced to minerals by my grandfather's friend when I was very young, but my interest really took off when I found my first geodes and fossils on a family trip when I was about 7 years old.  After that, I would beg to stop at every road cut and drive the family crazy.  I ended up choosing chemical engineering in college, so I forgot about minerals for awhile until I visited Australia and saw an exhibition at the Earth Exchange that featured some awesome minerals from Broken Hill.  After I returned to Michigan, I started looking for quarries and collecting sites to hunt in.  I have been collecting and selling for about 17 or so years now. 

I actually met John shortly before he quit his day job and started into the mineral business.  We made a trade or two after meeting on the rockhounds mailing list and look where it ended up.  :)   


Luciana Barbosa
I was born in Brazil and lived there for most of my life. My father, Jose Eduardo Barbosa is a Mining Engineer and Gemologist and since a very young age, I was around gems and crystals and just loved it. I started working at his company, Gemological Center, as a teenager and have been working with gems and minerals for over 20 years. 2010 was my  22nd consecutive Tucson Show. My degree is in international business adminstration. I specialize in rare gems for collectors, special inclusions in Quartz and minerals that catch my eye. I have been living in the US since 2008 but try to go back to Brazil as much as I can on buying trips. My father does send me shipments regularly so I always have new things coming in.

I exhibit at the Tucson and Denver shows, and I started this year a website  I also have a blog about rocks and food. Check it out:  Cooking is my other passion, along with photography and travelling. 


Dr. Alessandro Genazzani - Italian Minerals

I started collecting "rocks and stones" when I was about 10 ... you can imagine, really rocks and stones ! My mama was very "happy"... Nevertheless the love for the perfection of the shapes of the crystals was growing,  So little by little I became more expert and after several years I found myself deeply involved in mineralogy, with a growing collection and a lot of friends. The problem today is that my real job is on the other side of the moon compared to my love for minerals as I am a medical doctor.  I am involved in science and research at the University of  Modena, Italy. 

About 10 years ago I met a growing number of collectors and new friends while using Internet (among those there was John Veevaert !) and during those months the final step to create my own website was made. started little by little in 1997 and came on with full steam in June 1998. It is a full operating website to show and offer good rocks from Italy and other global locations to the Internet world of collectors ! My primary goal of the website is to create a condition so that my hobby helps pay for itself, at present it partly works but being an avid collector of nice specimens .... sometimes it doesn't!


Doug Wallace and his wife Terri -  Gold & Mineral Diggers

I have been a field collector for some 50 years.  I have also been a mineral dealer for over 35 years primarily selling at mineral shows around the United States.  I hold a B.S. degree in Economic Mining, Petroleum Geology and accounting from Oregon State University. 

My interest in minerals began when I lived in northern British Columbia, Canada for seven years in a little town called Stewart near Hyder, Alaska which was just across the border.  This area is still a major gold, silver and base metal producing area. 

I owned a gold mine in Mariposa County, California and also a quartz mine in Montgomery County, Arkansas.  My son Matt worked with me at he quartz mine in Arkansas. Matt also has extensive experience field collecting minerals.  I am still a very active field collector with main interest being metal detecting for gold and silver.   

I have considerable knowledge of mineral species, mineral values and the history of many mineral deposits around the golbe.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests at 214 - 232 - 9262.  

Isaias Casanova -

I was born in a crossfire hurricane....only kidding!

Actually, I was born in Havana, Cuba in 1951 and came to the states in 1961. Lived in Miami until 1987 when I moved to Orlando. Developed an interest in minerals early and then forgot about it until 1986 during a Colorado vacation. I have been dealing in minerals since 1989 and became a full time dealer in 1998. I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications (Film) in 1974 from the University of South Florida, but had a 20 year career in Finance, before attacking the minerals full time. I am divorced with three girls, that are now all grown up (most of the time)! 

Joe and Michele Weisberg - J.W. Minerals

I was around ten years old when my interest in minerals began and I started collecting.  My parents and I joined the North Shore Rock & Mineral Club (Massachusetts) in the mid 1960’s which enabled me to go on many field collecting trips in New England.  This fueled my interest in mineral collecting.  I pursued and earned a degree in geology from Boston University. As part of the degree program I chose to do field camp in Mexico, hiking and collecting in the Sierra Madres Mountains in locations such as Zacatecas and Conception Del Oro.  After college I took a hiatus from mineral collecting and worked in jewelry repair, manufacturing, and sales.  I rejoined the North Shore Rock & Mineral club about 25 years ago and have been an active member since—serving two terms as president, and now I am the chairman in charge of the club’s annual mineral show.


I have collected in many sites in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and currently hunt Herkimer Diamonds in New York.  I attend most of the New England mineral shows, and the Tucson shows when possible.  Over the years I have put together a large and varied collection.

Giovanni & the rest of Webmineral Shop -

We are a group of friends from Italy with the hobby of mineral collecting , here is a picture of us  at the famous Hofbrau house  during the last Munich Show in 2004 from left to right: Giuseppe, Giovanni, Carlo, and Gianfranco. 

We all started collecting minerals from 25 to 10 years ago and we have our own collections.  We started  the first version of the webmineralshop site early in 1997 and finally got the site on the web in 2002.  Our primary goal was to create a condition whereby our hobby would pay for itself so as to improve our own collection, allow us to do research and collecting trips, various mineral shows and so on.

We aren't full time dealers but we do it in our free time so that now it's a second job. We attend all the main shows in Italy and Europe were it's always a pleasure to meet our web-customers and doing business with other dealers. Three years ago our group founded the Genova Mineral Show as it organizers.  It is a growing show in Italy. 

Thanks to John to give us the opportunity to be part of the new mineral-auctions site.



Andrei & Kim Rykoff - AA Rock Shop.Com

 Hi, my name is Kim and I'm Andrei's wife. I have been a jewelry designer and goldsmith for 22 years in the Pacific Northwest.  I specialize in custom jewelry made with gold, platinum, silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones. I work with clients to design a functional piece of art that can be worn for many a generation. I have participated, founded, presided over and been a board member of several high-end art shows in the Pacific Northwest such as; Creative Metal Arts Guild, Art in the Pearl and Best of the Northwest.Hi, I'm Andrei and as far back as I can remember I've always loved rocks. By training and profession, I'm a Forester and Natural Resources Professional. I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1980 and currently work for the US Forest Service in Northwestern Oregon (near Portland). I'm the District Ranger for the Clackamas River Ranger District on the Mount Hood National Forest. It's a great job and one that I love. Where else do you get paid to work out in the woods and stumble across an occasional rock? As much as I love my day job, I love minerals just as much.  
Together, we make up AA Rockshop.  We try and travel together to various mineral shows throughout the year to not only increase or stock, but to purchase specimens for our collection while increasing our knowledge of mineralogy.  We make a good team when it comes to selecting specimens for sale or for ourselves as Andrei is drawn to Rhodochrosite while Kim is drawn to metallic minerals.One of the things we've really enjoyed is getting the chance to meet and become friends with many a dealer, collector and some of you as well.  We all share a love of minerals and mineral collecting and enjoy sharing our treasures with you via these auctions and through our site as well. Thanks for taking a moment to get to know a little about us and perhaps we'll run into you at a show someday. All the Best!
Kim and Andrei

Kevin Conroy - Kevin Conroy Minerals

I got my start in collecting rocks and minerals at age six.   My parents happened to buy a home near a creek that was loaded with all sorts of treasures (at least they were for a six year old novice collector).   Some of the things that I found there were quartz crystals, agate, crinoid fossils, colonial coral, and even a few arrowheads.   We took some of these finds to a rock shop in Saint Louis that was run by Howard York, a man who I'll be ever grateful to.   He took the time to teach me a bit about fossils and minerals, and encouraged me to join a rock club.   Well, that was it, I was hooked!


Fast forward over 50 years to the present...  After earning my degree in geology then working for 30+ years, I'm retired now.   My collection includes some minerals that I self-collected underground in the Tri-State District, Pea Ridge Mine, Sweetwater Mine, Brushy Creek Mine, Buick Mine, Elmwood Mine, plus numerous surface deposits, quarries and road cuts.   Field collecting is still a love of mine, even though the places that grant permission to collect are ever dwindling.


PuTzu -

I started collecting minerals as a four year old when a friend of my Mom's gave me a piece of petrified wood and iron pyrite. I believe this guy had just come to Georgia from Tucson. I got a rock tumbler for Christmas that year and that's where it all began.  Every time we'd go out of town, somewhere on vacation, I would bug Mom to go to the rock shop or to find a place we could dig for crystals in North Carolina or Tennessee.

The first time I ever played the game professionally, I went to Mt. Ida, Arkansas on Dec 23rd one year, and dug a couple of 5 gallon buckets of quartz. I started selling them to friends for $1-$5 each, and that really gave me the fever.  Then, in the mid 90's, I found myself without a "real job" and came to realize there was a whole world of "better" or "fine" minerals.

My passion soon overtook my life and I was now a mineral dealer. Today, I spend 90% of the year out searching, either in the ground or in foreign markets, for the best treasures I can lay my hands on.

Being a bit of a Buddhist and Taoist, I came to quickly realize that there is no "keep" . And thus, every mineral that I acquire is available for somebody to purchase. I know that there will be another mineral, so if somebody else wants it, at a fair price, I'll use the proceeds from that sale to go adventure to get more. Yeah, I've let some great ones go, as we all do. And I know there will be more great ones to come.

Enjoy the treasures I've brought to you, and hopefully, you'll feel good about giving me your hard earned money for my hard earned minerals, and we can keep going round in circles for years to come.



Geoff Krasnov - Geokrazy Minerals

I have been interested in minerals since I absconded with a specimen of tigers eye in the 3rd grade. My interests led me to find attractive roadside specimens until the day my mother took me to a local mineral shop. It was not long until I had a collection of a few dozen display quality specimens. In the early 1980's my interests picked up with field collecting in the Blue Ridge Mountains and near Hiddenite NC. My collecting grew with my attendance at mineral shows. In the early 1990's I sold off the bulk of my collection and re-invested it in calcite specimens. By 1996 I was selling at local shows in Pennsylvania. I now live in Wilmington NC and show in Raleigh, Asheville and Cartersville Georgia. Geokrazy minerals was born in 1997 and my website was launched in September 2009. 


François Lortie and his son Arnaud- CollectionArkane
I joined Collection Arkane operations in 2015 with the objective of expanding business operations with a website. Born in 1988, I have always been exposed to my father’s interest for minerals, especially because he provided his three children with opportunity to build our very own personal collections. I am currently sharing my time between my family, being a full time sales representative, and now the new owner of Collection Arkane. Collection Arkane was started by my father Paul in 1988 as a part time business to buy, sell and trade minerals, carved rocks, gems and jewels and to expand his personal collections of fine minerals and gems. Business was initially carried through product presentations at clients’ home and, from 1992, also at trade shows in Quebec Province (Montreal and Quebec) and later in Ontario Province (Bancroft, Ottawa and Toronto). With the technical support of my father, Collection Arkane offers specimens from his personal collections, from other private collections
we have recently purchased, and from new inventory of fine minerals that we will find for our devoted clients.
Now, Collection Arkane specialized in Canadian minerals, especially those from Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and sales activities are being expanded over the Internet with our participation to John Veevaert’s auction website.

Dan Evanich - California Mining Co.

My first exposure to geology and mineralogy was while I lived in New Mexico around the time I was seven or eight years old. My parents had moved to Farmington in 1959, located in the 4-corners area, just south of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Turquoise, fossilized dinosaur bones, and petrified wood were among every young boys’ treasures then, and it was about this time that a strong level of curiosity to understand more about the formation of rocks and minerals first developed.

I was born in Springfield, Illinois, in 1951, and migrated west with my family, first to Colorado, then New Mexico, and finally to California. After graduating from High School in 1969, I chose a career in electronics that would last some 35+ years. These were the early days in the history of the electronics industry in Silicon Valley. I was fortunate to be involved in many aspects of the evolution of modern consumer electronics products from the manufacture of silicon wafers for early IC chips through the introduction of 70” LCD Televisions and high resolution digital cameras.

Early in my career, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in business and split the next 23 years with Panasonic and Sony. I finally retired from the world of corporate business as Sony Electronics National Account Manager in 2012, and have since been able to devote more time to furthering of my knowledge of Western U.S. rare mineral species as well as continued active field collecting.

In 1998, I was introduced to BAM (Bay Area Mineralogists) by two long time members. Since then, I have been an integral part in the coordination of many BAM field collecting trips throughout the Western U.S. including the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. In 2003 I launched a part time mineral business under the name California Mineral Connection ( ) and maintain that today. My concentration is on Western U.S. minerals, especially those from Butte, Montana, along with a several other classic localities including Tiger and Bisbee, Arizona, San Benito County, California, and Pershing County, Nevada. In addition to BAM, I am an active member of Northern California Mineralogical Association (NCMA) and Crystal Gazers of San Francisco.

Harry Zondervan (right) with Jurgen Margraf

When I was 7 years old, my father gave me a mineral book. Since then I'm hooked of their beauty and my parents took me to a lot of mineral shows in the Netherlands (this was booming in the 70's and 80's). This first collection of minerals were mostly big rocks and I sold it in 1989.

After I got my medical degree and became a company doctor, I visit mineral shows again since 1990. I met Mario Pauwels, a famous Belgian collector, at the Dutch show in The Hague and he told me how to collect fine to great pieces.

In 2013 my collection grow to big and I decided to bring it down in numbers but upgrade the quality. Since then I also visit the shows in Belgium, Bad Ems (Germany), Sainte Marie aux Mines and Munchen. But to keep the collection in control and fitting in the showcases I must sell pieces out of the collection and John is kind enough to give me a platform for that.

Most of my pieces are aesthetic, have no damage and are surely above average.

So see what the "Dutch Collectors Eye" can do for you.

On my photo I'm the guy on the right, taken at the Bad Ems show in front of the showcases from Jürgen Margraf (he is the guy on the left).



Rick Kennedy - Earth's Treasures

I've been a collector ever since I was able to pick anything up with my hands.  I've collected everything from stamps and coins to bottle caps. Minerals and rare gemstones became my passion for several reasons: their natural beauty, the fact that I could never learn everything about the hobby and the adventures involved in collecting these beauties in the field.

I received my BS degree in Earth Sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1994, seven years after finishing my course work (It is a long story!).  I started Earth's Treasures in 1985 as a part time buisiness while I was still in school and continued it as a part time business while I worked managing a small business for one of my mineral collecting partners.  In March of 2006, I left that world for good and became a full time mineral and rare gemstone dealer and have never been so happy!

Personally, I collect "rough and cut" suites of rare gem minerals, but my passion will always be for Benitoite, and I proudly flaunt my status as the poster boy for the Benitoite Mine Run sales that John and Steve did a few years ago, my 5.06 carat flawless cut Benitoite is indeed the "Jewel" of my collection.

Bob & Lisa Williamson - BandLminerals. Com


I got hooked on mineral collecting at about 10 years old in Monterey, California. Actually, I started on fossils, as there are a lot of fossil beds in that general area. I quickly branched out into mineral collecting, and remember fondly my parents taking me and the rest of the family down the coast to Jade Cove in Big Sur to collect Jade where it washes up on the beach.  As we all know, most kids like rocks and fossils, but not many keep this passion for collecting when they 'grow up'.  I was one of those few, and obtained a BS and MS in Geology from the University of Arizona, and then worked for 10 years as a mine geologist for various copper companies in Arizona.  I gave that up several years back and am now teaching earth and environmental science at a school in Tucson.  Lisa's "real" job is as an RN, but she has joined me in my passion and hobby of mineral collecting.  We started selling mineral specimens online at in 2004.  We are lucky enough to live in Tucson, and so, every February, dealers from all over the world bring their beauties to us!


Mattia Cairoli - Mineral One

My passion for minerals began at the age of about 10 years, thanks to my father who transmitted it to me. My initial experience was formed by collecting minerals from the Italian and Swiss Alps. Where else I have done research for many years. Over the years, the passion has also expanded on minerals from the rest of the world. I prefer quality, on the size of the samples. They are always in constant search for mineralogical novelties. I constantly participate in mineral bags in Italy and Europe, where I meet clients and enthusiasts with great satisfaction. Every year I carry out direct mineralogical research in the field. I like to realize and participate in the drafting of articles for specialized magazines. Some of my articles can be read on "Lapis". My sales activity has been active for more than 15 years. I specialize in online sales on various web platforms.

I hope that the samples proposed by me can find a place to find a place in your collection. I am convinced that every champion is already predestined to one of his collectors, they just have to meet.

A special thanks to John for welcoming me in his great project.

Don & Gloria Olson

Don's interest in minerals started at age 8 when he was invited to collect at the Himalaya Mine and the Little Three Mine in Southern California.  At that time he lived on his grandparents' turkey ranch in Ramona, CA.  When he and his parents moved to Osseo, Minnesota, three years later, he continued with this hobby by collecting Lake Superior agates and trading them for mineral specimens.  Until 1984, Don worked in corrugated-box sales for Champion International in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, had a part-time mineral business (Minerals International) and raised four children.  In 1985, Don and Gloria started their mineral and gemstone company, Donald K. Olson and Associates, which was based in Milwaukee,  until they moved to their current home in sunny California.

Gloria also started field-collecting at age 8, but in Lima, Ohio.  She and her father frequently visited the quarries in the Midwest, which back then were open to collectors.  Gloria graduated from Miami University with a major in chemistry.  She then received MS and PhD degrees in mineralogy from Ohio State University.  She was co-owner of the store, What on Earth, in Columbus, Ohio for 16 years and, at the same time, was employed at Chemical Abstracts Service in the editorial and marketing departments.
You will see us at major gem and mineral shows across the country.


Take the time and visit their websites.