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Welcome to the Trinity Mineral Company mineral auction site. 

This site uses three auction sites to give you a wider range of bidding opportunities and will offer other dealers their own auction capability.   The Special Auction will be used for occasions such as a benefit auction or an auction or series of auctions related to a specific show such as the Tucson Show.  The Dealer's Choice Auction is offered once per week, usually, and is populated with better than average and/or interesting specimens selected by the participating dealers.  The Theme Auction is where you will find minerals related to a particular theme.  All of the auctions use an optional proxy bidding system.

Should a problem arise please feel free to contact me. I am always available for any issue related to this site as I am the owner of it.

Thanks for your interest.

John Veevaert
Trinity Mineral Company 



Recent and Upcoming Auctions

All times are PDT/PST - Pacific Time Zone (USA)
The current auction on each site is highlighted in green

Special Auction
OpensStarts to Close
East Coast Show Aug 4 10:00 AM Aug 9 5:00 PM
Andy Rykoff Aug 14 10:00 AM Aug 20 6:00 PM

Dealer's Choice
OpensStarts to Close
7.22 DC Jul 22 10:00 AM Jul 28 6:00 PM
7.29 DC Jul 29 10:00 AM Aug 4 6:00 PM
8,5 DC Aug 5 10:00 AM Aug 11 6:00 PM
8.12 DC HV Aug 12 10:00 AM Aug 18 6:00 PM
8.19 DC Aug 19 10:00 AM Aug 25 6:00 PM

Theme Auction
OpensStarts to Close
Minerals from West of the Mississippi River Jul 17 10:00 AM Jul 22 6:00 PM
Minerals that begin with S or T Jul 24 10:00 AM Jul 29 6:00 PM
Rocks with Two or More Minerals Jul 31 10:00 AM Aug 5 6:00 PM
Minerals with As or Sb Aug 6 10:00 AM Aug 12 6:00 PM
Chinese Minerals Aug 13 10:00 AM Aug 19 6:00 PM
Fluorite, Quartz, & Calcite Aug 20 10:00 AM Aug 27 6:00 PM


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